Editing an AWB block

Click on an AWB block to see the AWB toolbar appeared. 

You’ll see these items on it:

  • The Type List which includes the Color, Image, Video options. And these options are available background types.
  • Full Width. If you check this option, the block is shown full width on a page.
  • Full Height. If you check this option, the background of a block is shown full height. The height of the background is the same as the height of a browser window. If you enable this feature, it is also possible to align the content in this block vertically. The corresponding options will be present on the toolbar.
  • If you enable the Image option, you’ll see the Edit button. Click on it to set a background image.
  • If you enable the Video option, you’ll see the Youtube / Vimeo URL field on the toolbar.


Click on the AWB block to find options on the sidebar to add spacings to your content. Enter the value of padding and margin parameters.

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